New Hyde Park NY School District Information

Finding a great place to live involves many determining factors. If you have a family, one of those is the quality of area schools. New Hyde Park, NY is a highly desirable neighborhoods because of its history, beauty, and great location in Nassau County, Long Island. However, the superb education available in these picturesque village hamlets puts them at the top of the list for families with children.

New Hyde Park NY School District

The four schools in New Hyde Park rank among the highest in the state of New York, coming in at number 45. Several other area districts with various grade schools, including middle and high schools, also are highly rated in the state.

The New Hyde Park School District educates about 1,700 students ranging from kindergarteners to sixth graders, with a holistic focus on teaching social and emotional skills as well as solid academic habits.

  • Manor Oaks School
  • Hillside Grade School
  • New Hyde Park Road School
  • Garden City Park Grade School

The district also has a Universal Pre-Kindergarten program for about 72 students. The high test scores students at these schools achieve makes the home listings in New Hyde Park NY favored by parents who want the best for their children.

A Vibrant Place To Live

In addition to some of the highest ranking schools in the United States, New Hyde Park is a gorgeous places to live. Since 1683, people have recognized this area’s inherent attractiveness, and those looking to relocate watch for homes for sale in New Hyde Park NY.

  • Many historical locations, including the home of former U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site
  • Outdoor activities such as hiking
  • Swimming in Long Island Sound
  • Close to New York City
  • Village Street Fair each year
  • Concerts
  • Excellent libraries
  • Near to vineyards

People who want to move to this area eagerly search for home listings in New Hyde Park NY and nearby neighborhoods. If you have children, the excellent schools here are certainly a draw, but this striking location also draws couples and singles.

Search for Your Next Home

If you have always wanted to live in New Hyde Park, now is the time. You can enjoy top-rated schools, natural beauty, proximity to New York, and thriving small-town charm. Grace Desiderio can help you find a beautiful residence you will love to call home. Reach her by phone at 516-662-5906. Call today to get started.